On the Subject of Enterprise Reporting

Apparently this is how reporting works in big corporate environments.

  1. We have a bunch of data, terabytes. There’s got to be something in there.
  2. After a few months of cranking, the analyst comes up with a one page report with significant statistics and a couple of charts. This is the first, alpha version of the report.
  3. Manager receives report. Loves it, since it’s the first time they can see the deficiencies in the overall system, and sees opportunities for savings, optimization, improvement.
  4. Manger passes it along to another set of managers, maybe by region, for constructive feedback.
  5. A few weeks later, all feedback is taken in, and the analyst implements all of the new requirements into the new, 40 page report.
  6. Report is sent out quarterly, where it sits on top of a pile labeled TO READ.

On the subject of Enterprise Reporting