Redis Talk at PostgreSQL Conf West

In case you’ve missed it so far, PostgreSQL West will take place next week in San Jose, California. You should go.

This weekend I worked on the slides and content for my Redis talk. Why would I decide to speak about Redis in a PostgreSQL conference? As it turns out, we’ve had great success in using Redis to compliment our architecture, not to replace a main data store. I will speak about our experience in scaling out write heavy apps with Redis.

I will first introduce Redis from a general perspective, and then dig into the data types it offers and the operations it can do on each data type. During the course of the talk, I will demonstrate how we’ve used certain data types to solve some rather tricky scaling problems: real use cases solving real problems.

I hope this talk will be entertaining and informative to both DBAs and application developers. I will be sharing the slides here and on twitter afterwards, so stay tuned.

Additionally, on Tuesday I will be teaching a one day workshop on Ruby and Rails with a PostgreSQL focus. This is the second time I will do this at PostgreSQL conf, the last time being at PostgreSQL conf east in New York City. The class size was small, and the feedback I received was very positive in that attendees got a good grasp of the Ruby programming language and how Rails and Postgres fit in the ecosystem. I hope this time around is even better.

Hope to see you there.