Recap took place yesterday at the Microsoft NERD Center. The event is aimed at students in the Greater Boston area who are interested in entrepreneurship and coding, whether that’s design, development, or ambidextrous.

There were technical and talks on every aspect of the stack, from the metal all the way up to serving and consuming APIs and user experience design. There were also some not-so-technical talks about topics like the Boston startup scene, open source and hacker culture.

My talk was about PostgreSQL and it focused on how to use SQL to mine data and get information out of it. I stored the twitter stream for about 24 hours prior to the conference and showed how to look at that data showcasing CTEs, Window Functions and other Postgres features. Among the insights we saw that the tweeps who post hashtags and urls the most are spam accounts. Also, the most posted URLs come from shortener services, but also surprised to see among those. We found other fun facts during the talk too. It went great.

Hopefully the talk gave a good taste of what you can do with Postgres and SQL. It was SQL heavy, but that did not come without warning

Other talks worth mentioning included Mike Burns’ classic UNIX talk. This time around he used curl, sed and grep to automate a SQL injection attack on a hilarious page he staged for this purpose. Erik Michaels-Ober’s talk was also great and surely inspired a few students to put code out there for the world to see. So many great talks altogether though, by people like Nick Quaranto on TDD, Ben Orenstein on vim, Bryan Lyles on OOP and more.

Oh, and there was a dude at the afterparty with a heroku shirt. Here’s a photo.

Overall a great event; thanks to organizers thoughtbot and Greenhorn Connect and drinkup sponsors hashrocket and github.